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From the Land of OshKosh: Tiny Blue Bob and Baby Red Lou Arrive

A Trek Begins


“Two rather precocious lads- Tiny Blue Blob and Baby Red Lou, friends bonded from the time of birth, heard rumors during their young lives of fulfilling their life desires and destiny. Nothing so bold had ever been considered in the land of Oshkosh before. None of Oshkosh inhabitants ever thought of leaving their land, not one in the long history of Oshkosh had the people considered something different for their own lives.”

Don’t Miss the Adventure. Now in Video

I am Bear Watcher Watching Bear Watching Me

Experiences from a Fly Fisher in the USA

“Jay,” ever so quietly she said, “look, a bear.”
“Oh my, she is a beauty,” I commented. She was a cinnamon, slightly starving after a major fire, and eating tall dry bear grass. My lady friend asked,” Are we safe?”

I replied, “Bears never bother me, I don’t bother them and neither do you.”

She, the bear, sniffed us out and took off. “Oh my this is a good day,” I thought.

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Come Meet the Earth People

A fantastically imagined emotional and personal journey into the hidden depths of the Earth People’s hearts and dilemmas, as told by the traveler Jay North.

Featuring images of Native history, lore, and so on

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Read a heart-warming tale of Earth’s People

Getting Started in Organic Gardening

Many existing growers and entrepreneurs considering entry into the world of organic growing are amazed by the size and speed of this growth market. According to industry experts, the global market for organic food and drink reached $28 billion in 2008, and increasing demand in North America alone helped fuel a 10.1 percent increase, as North America overtook Europe as the largest market for organic food and drink. Continued growth is predicted as we celebrate the increasing popularity of this healthy lifestyle choice and shun the status quo of corporate chemical farming.

Although entering a new business venture can often be difficult and risky, Getting Started in Organic Gardening for Fun and Profit unlocks a treasure trove of closely guarded secrets that help even the most novice grower plant the seeds of success for their operation. It also delivers tips based on many years of irreplaceable experience.

The latest in a series of works that include the bestselling Guide to Cooking With Edible Flowers, which sold over 100,000 copies worldwide, and Grow Yourself Rich, this new book is a testament to the commitment and dedication of the author to educate, inform and help new growers, and fuel the movement.

Read the techniques that vaulted Paradise Farms to success, and so much more

Dump your Jobs

100 Real Ways To Make Money From Home

With sincere appreciation for your patronage, I offer you these unique tried and true- real ways to earn money far past what your job will allow you to earn. Fact is- you can make all the money you desire-if you will apply simple business practice to make your chosen field a success and earn all the money you truly want. 2nd fact is you will never have the freedom, independence or opportunity to succeed in a dead end job– unless you are a high paid CEO or high tech pro for a major corporation.

What I have to share with you in the contents of this short list- but far more than other such list is the validity of the information contained with in. Throughout my career in business I have helped and witnessed 100’s of individuals succeed in their chosen field(s). If you choose a field that you love and can be of service in, you will succeed by applying stand business practices with faith, allowance and perseverance. Nothing happens by chance!

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4. Ebook: Getting Started in Organic Gardening $6.99

5. Ebook: Dump your Jobs $6.99

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